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This is one of those moments of shameless self promotion, but I'd like to share what I've been working on.


I am inspired by the world around me

it's easy when your friends are rad.

 Symmetry. Epic landscapes. Fried Chicken. Most of all, stories told with conviction. We have two ears, two eyes, and one mouth, and I think they should be used in that order. I love to observe because there is so much to be learned from those around us.



Current Work

I'm a freelance editor and producer based out of Seattle and California. I've had the pleasure of working with companies like Microsoft, Sanuk, and Marmot. From pre-production to post, my passion is taking your ideas, and creating a meaningful story telling experience from them.


LIV // LANGMA Product release by Venture Visuals - editor

W HOTELS BELLEVUE by Venture Visuals - editor

LIV // Allysa Seely BY VENTURE VISUALS - Editor

Stornetta Public Lands by Venture Visuals - editor

How to Cook a Carrot - producer & editor


style where it counts

I can't write the code for your great new app idea, nor can I find a loophole in your taxes. I will however, help you in every way I can to, knock your next project out of the park. I also make drip coffee like you wouldn't believe. Espresso, french press, cold brew, I don't disappoint in the caffeine department.



abilities & programs

I graduated from The University of Montana in 2015, where I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Filmmaking and Media Arts. Here, I earned a Steadicam Certification from the University, and won awards including Best Cinematography, and Best Documentary. Since Graduation, I've been working in the world of corporate video production, brand filmmaking, and producing content for digital marketing campaigns. I also have helped a number of small businesses develop websites and create their online web presence. 



I manage projects from beginning to end; from hiring on freelancers to balancing budgets large and small. At Microsoft, I helped create a team of post-production coordinators that proactively assisted in delivering over 75 projects a month. We specialized in managing corporate expectations, client relations, and project management.We all love the concept meetings that turned into beers with friends, donuts on set, and edit room camaraderie. But I'll still be there in the wee hours of the morning, working just as hard, when we're shooting pickup shots for the third time, and when the client changes the music... again.

jack of all trades

Gimbals, Steadicams, dollies, jibs, drones- It's all fascinating. I understand the fundamentals of balancing a camera, I know what a Gary Coleman is, and I can throw up a full diffusion on that light. If you ask me to format the card, I've got you. I have hands on experience with industry standard cameras, shooting LOG and using LUTs. I know card structure, and offloading and ingesting media with Premiere, Resolve, and the Shooter Suite.

post specialist

I can rip selects from your Petabytes of 12k R3D footage without using my mouse. "Premiere Pro has encountered a serious error" doesn't happen when I edit. I have a comprehensive knowledge of the tech behind our arsenal of post tools. I love to whip out something crazy from my magic tool bag, but adding something to it is even better.


Branding MGMT

I have ample experience managing and adhering to extensive and complex brand standards, guidelines, and strategies. For better or worse, they're in place for a reason. Knowing when and how to push the boundaries is pivotal to the evolution and the recognition of the brand.

Current Freelance Work



Passion project:


A film that delves into the thoughts and reactions of six LA residents and artists in the aftermath of the historic 2016 presidential campaign.

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Analog & Digital


I'm rarely without a camera. Usually it's digital, but I have an affinity for old film cameras. I love hauling at least one camera where ever I go, handing it to someone else and seeing what they do with it, stealing street portraits, and finding that undiscovered frame.  I am a product of the people, places, and things around me. Photography helps me reflect, conclude, and define all that I've done. 


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